The Production

Selected quality

Since the foundation of Fortin Mühlenwerke, quality of foodstuffs has always had top priority.
This has been achieved, on the one hand, by continuously investing in innovative technology, and, on the other, by optimising existing production processes.
Production is fully automated. The raw material is transported from the silo to the top storey, the 8th floor, where it is then thoroughly washed. Any further processes take place on the following storeys. The silo cells, which are installed from the 4th storey, are filled automatically by the mill.

From these cells, goods can be packed or loosely loaded on the ground floor.This construction guarantees the highest possible level of hygiene, resulting in excellent quality.Fortin Mühlenwerke´s high flexibility allows the implementation of almost any customer requirement, and enables straightforwards planning of new products together with the customers.


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