Storage and handling under optimum conditions

We have strategically expanded our business operations by acquiring and operating a number of grain storage facilities at various sites in the port of Neuss. With a total storage capacity of over 30,000 t and state-of-the-art technology, we can handle, store and maintain the health of grain and oilseeds for the agricultural trade, cooperatives and the processing industry; whether loose, in big bags, containerised or palletised.

In addition to the loading and unloading facilities for trucks, both of our sites have an ISPS Code-compliant berth and, at one site, railway sidings.

The services we provide at a glance

  • Storage

  • Trimodal transshipment

  • Health maintenance

In Neuss

Oats – the amazing grain

Fortin processes many types of cereal, but none plays such an important role for us as oats. We have specialised in oats from the very outset, and are now recognised as the leading experts in the field of oat products.

Paving the way around the world

As a company dedicated to sustainable food production, we are committed to ensuring that we minimise our impact on the environment and conserve resources as much as possible in everything we do.

Quality sealed and certified

The secret of our success story is the high quality of our products. The key to this is using top-quality raw materials and processing them skilfully.

Of course, we use state-of-the-art machinery and continuously adopt all the latest technical innovations available on the market.