Ensuring sustainability for the sake of the environment

As a supplier of sustainable foodstuffs, we always focus on minimising our environmental impact – in production, in transport and especially when it comes to the packaging we use. For instance, we only use sustainable packaging made of paper, with no plastic whatsoever. This is not only the best solution from an ecological point of view, but also economically. Our paper packaging is 100% FSC Certified.

Of course, we can provide you with any packaging design you may require. We currently have 65 customer-specific labels, and we also design special packaging for special products in our product range, for individual filling units such as our 300 g pack of oat bran, for example.

Paper packets

The 500 g paper bag for oat flakes and oat bran is a retail classic. Cost-effective and environmentally friendly, it beats any expensive film and cardboard pack, making it ideal for export to countries with less purchasing power and offering an unbeatable cost-benefit ratio here in Germany, too. Whether in an open tray, a tray with a lid or in a sturdy, closed box (20 x 500 g), we offer the right packaging for every requirement.

Paper sacks

The all-rounder when it comes to packaging is the multi-layer paper sack. Whether it is for wholesale, industry or export, this is the ultimate packaging worldwide. We can meet almost any customer requirements, printing or labelling them as required. Machine palletised and wrapped, these bags turn your goods into an easy-to-handle shipping unit. Just as with our 500 g paper bags, these sacks can also be customised to meet your requirements, provided you order a sufficient quantity.

Big Bags

Big Bags are the ideal bulk packaging for the food industry. Designed as disposable packaging, they offer the highest possible level of hygiene combined with low volume. Loaded on pallets, they are easy to handle and can be taken directly to the next processing location. Calibrated scales for filling and the outlet in the base also make it easy and safe to dose in your production plant.


From silo to silo is described as loose, without any packaging. We load your goods from our silo cells in silo trucks that are solely intended for foodstuffs and then unload them into your silos at your site. The advantage of this for you is that there is no need for pallet handling, no disposal of packaging and the highest possible level of product protection thanks to the use of sealed lorries.

Oats – the amazing grain

Fortin processes many types of cereal, but none plays such an important role for us as oats. We have specialised in oats from the very outset, and are now recognised as the leading experts in the field of oat products.

Paving the way around the world

As a company dedicated to sustainable food production, we are committed to ensuring that we minimise our impact on the environment and conserve resources as much as possible in everything we do.

We deliver what our customers want

At Fortin Mühlenwerke, everything revolves around the best of oats, wheat, barley, spelt and rye. We supply leading companies in the food industry – wholesalers and retailers as well as animal feed producers – in around 60 countries around the world, with flakes, groats, bran, kernels, flour etc., loose, in Big Bags, in paper bags and in customised retail packaging.